Synology DSM7 does not support gitlab. -_-

Mar 5, 2022


I don’t know the reason DSM7 ruled out gitlab, but there is always a way for go around… But, I have to do trouble shooting by myself. lack of time.

So, I decided to use ‘git server’ that is officially supported by DSM 7.0. It has no GUI or WebUI, just support terminal actions only. I needed to migrate several projects in gitlab of DSM 6.x after upgrade to DSM 7.

I have tried to setup gitlab on DSM 7.0, but it does not end well.

Firstly, I have cloned the projects into my local dev machine.

In SSH terminal of synology,

$ mkdir -p ~/git-repo/mycode
$ cd ~/git-repo/mycode
$ git init --bare

In your cloned direcotry

$ git remote set-url origin ssh://[USERID]@[NAS-IP]/~/workspace/git-repo/mycode
$ git push